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Lisa Lehmann

Supporting A Good Life for Lisa

Lisa is a social change agent and has been actively involved in both-self advocacy, and systemic advocacy for over 15 years, in a formal capacity. With a background in fashion, she has achieved an Associate Diploma of fashion after leaving school in the mid 90’s. Lisa has worked in government, and community sectors. Lisa's main interest is in social justice and people having real and valued lives. Raising her now 8 year-old son as a single mother, Lisa is adept at mentoring young people, ensuring everyone’s ‘voice’ is heard, and public speaking on many subjects she is passionate about. Most recently, Lisa was awarded the Words+/ISAAC Outstanding Consumer Lecture, at the biennial conference of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC). Currently Lisa is studying business, with a focus on entrepreneurship, service marketing, and human resource management at University of the Sunshine Coast, with aims of establishing herself as a social entrepreneur. Lisa can handle the odd party, and likes to celebrate life in full spirit.

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