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The websites listed below offer a range of resources for individuals, families, service providers and others. These organisations are based across Australia and may be useful for people seeking advisory services in their State or Territory.
Belonging Matters

Belonging Matters in Victoria is a not for profit, values driven, education and advisory service. Belonging Matters provides a resource hub to enable people to challenge social exclusion and empower people with a disability to live full, meaningful and inclusive lives. Our resources include our web site; online video library, Talks That Matter; a bookshop; a magazine called Thinking About; a range of workshops and conferences; leadership development; peer to peer support and Circle of Support Facilitation.

Talks That Matter

Talks That Matter is a new and exciting online video strategy which brings together a range of interesting people with fascinating stories to tell about disability, community, diversity and social change. Talks That Matter contains over one hundred interviews, documentaries and presentations devoted to showing people's stories. It highlights the issues that really matter to people with a disability.

Community Resource Unit

Community Resource Unit (CRU) in Queensland has a mission to engage a broad range of people in a movement for change so that people with disability will be welcomed and appreciated as they take their place in their communities. CRU invests in values based leadership development; engages on questions of values and vision; provides inspiration, analysis and assistance to shape relevant support arrangements. CRU does this through workshops, publications and a small amount of project work with individuals and agencies

Bringing The Good Life To Life

This website by Community Resource Unit (QLD) as a resource for people with disability and their supporters. It explores what makes a Good Life and some of the things that can be done to create and sustain this for a person with disability.

cru good life.png
Imagine More

Imagine More (Canberra) is a grassroots, family led organisation Imagine More’s mission is to inspire, inform and support individuals with a disability and their families to get the good things of life. Imagine More do this through having kitchen table conversations with individuals and their families; mentoring; community conversations; workshops and conferences on a range of topics such as valued roles, capacity building and inclusive schooling.

Family Advocacy

Family Advocacy (New South Wales) is an advocacy organisation which was founded over 25 years ago by a group of concerned families of people with disability who had a clear vision of a fully inclusive life for their family member. Our goal is to advance and protect the rights of people with developmental disability in achieving authentically inclusive lives and enjoy the same opportunities and living conditions as the majority of Australians

family advocacy.jpg
Resourcing Inclusive Communities

Resourcing Inclusive Communities is an initiative of Family Advocacy (NSW) that provides capacity building for people with disability, their families and the wider community to enable the full inclusion of people with disability, so they can access a meaningful and typical life as a valued members of their communities. We deliver this through webinars, workshops, conferences and online resources around a range of areas including pursuing employment, self-managing your NDIS plan, and creating individualised living options. 

resourcing inclusive communities.png
Valued Lives Foundation

Valued Lives Foundation (Western Australia) is a user- led organisation with a mission to enable people with disabilities and mental illness to have real choice, real control and a genuine voice around their supports and services. Valued Lives facilitate workshops and training around contemporary person centred approaches and deliver peer to peer support.

JFA Purple Orange

JFA Purple Orange (South Australia) aims to advance people’s chances of a good life through information, social policy, capacity-building, consultancy, evaluation and systemic advocacy. JFA Purple Orange’s approach is based on dialogue to understand the issues that stand in the way of a good life, and to assist people’s connection to information and each other. This includes co- design and co- production, workshops, focus groups, forums, surveys, peer networks and consumer led initiatives and is anchored in a model of Citizenhood Support. Much of this work translates to policy submissions and other publications.

jfa purpel orange.jpg
Social Role Valorisation

Social Role Valorisation is a powerful set of ideas useful in addressing the marginalisation of people in our society by supporting them to have access to the same good things in life as other people.

SRV logog.png
Disability Research Unit

The Hallmark Disability Research Initiative was created because of an emerging desire for interdisciplinary disability research at the University of Melbourne. Our aim is to help to co-ordinate interdisciplinary projects with the involvement of community partners and those with lived experience of disability. We develop high-quality applied research, policy and education programs. The Initiative was developed by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute and the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, together with the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute and the Melbourne Networked Society Institute. It is hosted by the Melbourne Law School, as its focus is rights protection through research and advocacy.

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