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Mac Burns


In 2014 Mac Burns was in 5th grade at his local primary school. One day he and his mates decided he needed a way to play handball so he could be included in the fun! Their idea was to have something mounted at the front of his sports jogger chair to allow him to “play” without getting hurt.

For days they experimented. Some of the failures included: bin lids (too hard to mount); tennis racquets (too much chance Mac could get hit if they didn’t aim well enough); plastic container lids (too flimsy); and various wheelchair trays (too big, too little, absorbed the bounce of the handball too much)!

Until ...Someone came up with the excellent idea of a Crazy Catch (a ball sport reflex/catching trainer). Success, a couple of tweaks with a hacksaw, two cheap golf buggy umbrella holders to help hold it in place and the odd piece of velcro was all it took to make their invention a reality.

Later in the year their “hack” moved onto the football field with two velcro flags needing to be removed by the opposition to register as a “tackle” on Mac. It’s all very fun and very exciting.

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